Lefort parcel machine, 3-sided compression

Used Lefort 3-Sided Compression Packaging Machine – Perfect for Scrap and Waste Processing

We present for sale a high-class Lefort packing machine, equipped with a 3-sided compression system, which guarantees maximum work efficiency. The device is designed to process a wide range of materials, including metal scrap and various waste. With an impressive crushing force of 250 tons, this machine is able to cope with the most demanding industrial tasks.

Crushing Force: 250 tons, which enables effective compressing and packing of even very difficult materials.
Electric Motor: Efficient 90 kW motor ensures optimal performance with lower energy consumption.
Machine weight: 57 tons, which proves its solid construction and ability to work hard.
3-Sided Compression: The three-sided compression system maximizes package density, making it easier to transport and store processed materials.

The Lefort parcel machine is an ideal solution for companies dealing with scrap processing, recycling of industrial and municipal waste and other activities requiring effective compressing of materials. Its versatility and high efficiency make it an invaluable tool in every recycling enterprise.

Technical condition:
The machine is in very good technical condition, regularly serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Full service documentation is available for viewing by potential buyers.


Weight 57000 kg


Crushing force

250 ton