AUTO-PARTS Maszyny recykling

We are a professional partner in the field of recycling and construction machinery servicing, offering high-quality, specialized services. We have specialist knowledge in fault analysis and accurate repair cost estimation, which guarantees full transparency for our clients.


We offer servicing of recycling machines from renowned brands such as Lefort, Fuchs and others. Renovation and reloading machines. Repair and maintenance of scissors, shear balers, cutting and packing presses, and crushers. Service of all types of equipment, including grippers. Additionally, we specialize in carrying out thorough renovations of used construction machines, restoring them to full functionality and efficiency.


Sale of construction machinery and metal recycling machinery. We organize the import of used machines from Western European countries. We have extensive experience (over 15 years) and dozens of completed installations in the scrap industry. We have gained a solid reputation in the industry, gaining recognition from customers. In addition, we offer the sale of spare parts for machines, engines and accessories. Our company also specializes in regeneration and carrying out major renovations, providing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Convenient payments

We offer convenient and flexible payment options, enabling customers to adjust the form of payment to their preferences and financial needs.

Customer support

Our customer support means fast, professional help and advice tailored to individual inquiries, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Fast shipping

We ship within 48 hours. Fast shipping is a key element of online retail success, building customer loyalty and increasing companies' competitiveness.

Personal collection

We offer personal pickup. It allows customers to collect the ordered goods directly, eliminating waiting time for delivery.

Comprehensive regeneration

Comprehensive regeneration of construction machines and recycling machines is a process that covers a full range of activities aimed at restoring full efficiency and performance of equipment used in the construction and recycling industries. This is an important element of caring for industrial infrastructure because it allows you to extend the life of machines, increase their efficiency and minimize the risk of failure.


Replacement and regeneration of ironclads

Hydraulic cylinders

Construction and regeneration of hydraulic actuators

Machine engines

We regenerate combustion engines and perform general overhauls