Wacker Neuson DW90 tipper with a cabin

The used Wacker Neuson DW90 dump truck with cabin is an extremely efficient and versatile machine, designed for transporting materials on construction sites, in gardening or other earthworks, especially where working space is limited. This compact dump truck is an ideal solution for those who need reliable equipment to move loads quickly and efficiently in difficult terrain conditions.

The DW90 has an impressive loading capacity of up to 9,000 kg, which allows you to transport large amounts of material at one time, increasing work efficiency. The operator’s cabin is fully enclosed and equipped with a heating and air conditioning system, ensuring comfortable work in various weather conditions. Additionally, the ergonomics of the cabin and the ease of use of controls and displays increase operator safety and comfort, even during long-term work.

Powered by a high-power engine, the Wacker Neuson DW90 offers excellent performance and reliability, and thanks to its low center of gravity and compact dimensions, the machine is stable and easy to maneuver even in difficult terrain. The all-wheel drive system provides excellent traction and the ability to work in mud, on steep slopes or uneven surfaces.

This model is also equipped with a hydraulically lifted loading box, which allows for easy and quick unloading of materials. The dump truck also has a quick attachment change system, which increases its versatility and allows it to be used in a variety of jobs, from transporting rubble to spreading gravel or soil.

Solid construction, durable materials and ease of servicing make the Wacker Neuson DW90 with cab a reliable partner in difficult working conditions, offering a long service life and minimal operating costs. It is an ideal machine for construction companies, landscape maintenance companies and other businesses that need efficient and versatile material handling equipment.



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