Kubota KX016-4 mini excavator

The Used Kubota KX016-4 Mini Excavator is a compact yet powerful excavator model designed to work in confined spaces. It is an ideal solution for construction companies, gardeners and people dealing with underground installations who need an efficient machine to perform precise earthworks. KX016-4 is characterized by low exhaust emissions, which makes it environmentally friendly and meets the latest emission standards.

This mini excavator is equipped with a 13 HP Kubota engine that provides excellent performance and reliability while maintaining low fuel consumption. The maximum digging depth is approximately 2.25 meters, making it deep enough for most light construction and renovation applications. Additionally, the Kubota KX016-4 features a quick tool change system, which allows you to easily change buckets or other accessories, increasing the machine’s versatility.

Thanks to its compact design, the KX016-4 is easy to transport and can be moved on a low-weight trailer. The excavator operator enjoys a comfortable and spacious workspace, which reduces fatigue and increases productivity. The cabin is well designed, with easy access to control panels, which makes operating the machine intuitive and simple, even for less experienced operators.

The KX016-4 also features advanced safety features, including a security system against unauthorized use, which is especially important on crowded construction sites. Additionally, solid construction and durable materials ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance, making it an economical choice for any company needing a reliable mini excavator.







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