Lefort 500 baler shears from 2009.

Major renovation carried out by our company.

During the renovation, we carried out a comprehensive inspection and replaced worn parts, including hydraulic elements and scissor blades, which allowed us to optimize the cutting process. Each component of the ironing shears has been carefully analyzed, and any defects and wear have been eliminated by using high-quality replacements.

We then updated the electrical and control systems, which allowed us to streamline operational processes and increase cutting precision. The modernization of the control software also significantly increased the efficiency of the balers and enabled more intuitive and safe use.

Once the renovation was completed, the shears were subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they met all required quality and safety standards. These tests confirmed that the machine is fully functional and ready for long-term, intensive use in various industrial conditions.

Thanks to this renovation, the Lefort 500 balers were restored to almost new condition, which makes them extremely valuable equipment for the metal processing and recycling industry. This refurbished machine is now ready to provide efficient and reliable operation for many years to come, providing a key piece of equipment for our customers.