Lefort 600 mobile baler, 2005

Major renovation carried out by our company. Delivered to the customer in March 2020.

The Lefort 600 mobile shear baler, manufactured in 2005, is an advanced device designed for cutting and pressing various types of materials, especially popular in the recycling industry. Our company, with many years of experience in the industrial machinery industry, has carried out a complete renovation of this device, taking care of every detail to restore its full functionality and efficiency at the highest level.

In the renovation process, we focused not only on replacing worn parts, but also on modernizing key components, which significantly improved the efficiency of the baler shears. A thorough technical analysis allowed us to identify and improve all aspects of the machine, ensuring its reliability and safety in use.

After completing the renovation works, the Lefort 600 balers were delivered to the customer in March 2020. Our team of specialists ensured that the transport and installation of the machine ran smoothly and without disruptions, ensuring that the customer could immediately start working with the refurbished equipment. The customer also received full training on the operation and maintenance of the shears, ensuring their effective and safe use for a long time.