Major renovation of Lefort 600 Mobile balers

Major renovation carried out by our company.

We are proud to present the process of general renovation of our flagship machine - the Lefort 600 Mobile baler. Especially for you, we have prepared a series of photos showing the device before and after renovation to show the scope of work carried out and the incredible transformation the machine has undergone.

The photos before the renovation show the condition of the ironing shears before the work began. Visible wear and damage are evidence of the intensive use the machine has undergone, thus emphasizing the need for comprehensive renovation.

The major overhaul of the Lefort 600 Mobile baler included a number of key areas:

  • Complete reconstruction of the hydraulic system - modernization to increase efficiency and reliability of work.
  • Replacing and strengthening structural elements - improving the durability and resistance of the machine to the hardships of everyday use.
  • Control system update - implementation of new technologies for better control of the work process and increased safety.
  • Implementation of ecological solutions - reducing the negative impact of machine operation on the environment.

Photos after the renovation show the scale of the transformation. The Lefort 600 Mobile not only looks like new, but also performs with greater efficiency, proving that any machine, regardless of its original condition, can be restored to its full potential.

New Life Lefort 600 Mobile
This major renovation not only restored the Lefort 600 Mobile to perfect condition, but also equipped it with modern technologies that significantly expand its capabilities. This is proof of our commitment to providing solutions that are not only efficient, but also durable and environmentally friendly.

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